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The Math Behind Google Search
Have you ever wondered why some websites are placed over others on Google? It’s not just a random order but rather an order..
The Most Elegant Integration Technique – Feynman integration
Richard Feynman, an American physicist known for his breakthroughs in quantum mechanics, arguably developed the most elegant ..
The Math that Drives Machine Learning
Machine learning is growing ever more prominent in society with the implementation of various models like support vector mach..
What is Time
We all experience time. If you’re interested, reading this may feel like it takes 5 seconds when in reality it actually tak..
If Machines Could Feel
The concept of sentient machines seems to frighten many. After all, emotions seem to be the true distinction between man and ..
The Foundation of the Digital World – Machine Learning
Machine learning (ML) is an essential part of modern society. It allows various computer and artificial intelligence systems ..
The Paradox that Breaks Math – from nothing to everything
Math is everywhere. Not only does society rely on its concepts, but so does nature. For example, the Fibonacci sequence is fo..
Is free will an illusion? Game theory makes us think harder about who we are.
Continuing with the connections between crowd behavior and concepts of STEM. It is possible to predict such behavior with an ..
Can we predict crowd behavior patterns using simple laws of physics?
There are few instances where the concepts of physics can be applied to predicting crowd behavior. Though there are sciences,..
The Integral Part of Calculus
Previously, we proved the first fundamental theorem of calculus (FTC). There still remains the second part of this theorem. T..

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